Travelling of the soul with Irina Khomyn on children studies this Saturday

Last weekend the kids from the Center for the families of the deceased militaries, which operates under our public building, held very interesting and fun time reading new poetry of Lyubov Viduta.
The author herself, immediately noticing hidden in the pictures sadness and longing for a lost father, shared:
"I have a poem about a father of the military profession. I would love to read that poem for you namely. But looking at the colors of Ruslanchyk’s painting, I realized that this topic should not touch".

Ms. Lyubov treated her job professionally and not just read poetry, but also painted and played with children in moving games. And finally gave everyone a little book with her autograph.

By the end of the studio hours kids began to depicting apples-pears, bees and butterflies in cheerful, bright colors.
Considering the internal state of the children, their sadness, this Saturday we invited to visit us the writer and the poet, who has written for the smallest kids on religious themes - Irina Khomyn –the winner of the International Competition "Coronation of the words".
Nica Nicaleo
writer, journalist