Presentation of Yavoriv department of NGO

Activists of Yavoriv spoke about their strategic objectives and presented the plans for the future.

Yesterday, on August 13 there was a meeting of activists of Novoyavorivsk with Lviv colleagues. During the meeting there were presented the main activities of Yavoriv department. Because the city is situated near the largest in Western Ukraine military ground, a priority of the new Department will help soldiers of ATO. Activists plan to draw attention to environmental problems in the region and will try to fix them.

"Community Development" in Novoyavorivsk and the district will continue the tasks of the Lviv activists. In particular, will deal with the development of youth and sports, the spread of Ukrainian culture and art. Plans close cooperation with local entrepreneurs. The team of "Community Development" has implemented several social initiatives in the city. Among them is assistance in conducting the largest celebration in the city – "Young Galychyna 2015" and the organization of this holiday to families of the city with interesting master classes.

It should be noted that on 24 August is in plan to open a department of NGO "Community Development" in Yavoriv district.