XIV International Economic Forum seemed to us particularly interesting in keeping with the modern transformation of the state

XIV International Economic Forum opened yesterday in Lviv under the slogan "Vision 2020: strategies for countries, regions and industries".
The event program started with a plenary session, which  attended and had the opening speech an Acting Head of Lviv Regional State Administration  - Yuriy Turiansky. We talked about the modernization of Ukraine and effective management, competitive economy, pluralistic society.

In particular, it was pleasant to hear from the lips of Colin Maddock sincere message: "I love this country. There are not many countries in the world, where you can sit on the ground and enjoy the nature. This is the second country in my life, where I want to sit down on the ground and just dream."

During the forum several panel discussions was held concerning decentralization of power as a way of building an effective public policy in Ukraine; there was also a discussion on the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on new strategies for Ukrainian business.

It was about the reduction and elimination of import and export duties and charges, remainingthe competitive Ukrainian products, adaptation of Ukrainian business to European standards and norms.

There were reports of particular interest to us from  people practicing, namely Markiian Malskyy, Head of West Advocate Association «Arzinger» and AndrewKhudo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding of emotions «Fest». The speakers compared the business environment in Ukraine, the EU and Russia. Despite the increased competition in the domestic market offers and services, commerce, speakers stressed the essential positive results for Ukraine to adopt European standards of doing business.
With these recommendations by M. Malskyy was one he repeatedly said: "Each company or organization needs to find such a specialist who could realistically assess competitiveness and vectors of the new reality."
Almost all the participants began their report, stressing, that the processes occurring in the difficult political and economic events, avoiding the word war. Decentralization of power, according to the speakers should make Ukraine a strong, coherent state, not quarrel all the regions.

Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister of Regional Development, said: "We need to create an effective government for the development of territorial communities, that will give us the final version of the economic potential for the entire state. Every project, every suggestion - should give something to the state, not personified for city or village head."

The first steps are made –the pilot projects in Chernihiv and Poltava. The funding has come at the expense of local communities, and partly from the state budget. The budget of 2015 has funded a new tax base, to avoid monopoly dependence of the center, which according to preliminary estimates –is about 39 billion.extra money.
"We have chosen our own, Ukrainian model of reforms," said finally V.Nehodain  his speech.
Nica Nicaleo
writer, journalist