Vyshyvanka Day in Bryukhovichi

The activists of the Briukhovychi branch created their own unique photo project which is dedicated to the Ukrainian “Vyshyvanka's Day” and it is called “It's not me and not my house.” The slogan of the project is “Do you believe that you are a patriot when you wear a vyshyvanka?”.

With these photos, we tried to open people's eyes on a range of problems which are shown locally but, also have a global character. Young people, villagers dressed in beautiful authentic vyshyvankas pose nearby abandoned historical valuable sites and areas which are destroyed strategically by human and power hands.

It is interesting to see how smiling little sisters walk the area of the most popular sanatorium in Soviet times called “Lviv”, which served visitors in 2010th and served as the filming location of the  “Versiya polkovnyka Zorina” (1976). But if we look more carefully, we can see an extensive area with unique villas, recreation buildings, green park which degrade with people's negligence, whereby local people consciously ruin it.

The loving couple which is holding their hands can only watch the remains of abandoned buildings that are a part of the former military base. Today, we can see here constantly grown new de facto “legal” houses, the residents of which are not afraid of ammunition remains.

The sisters look at an empty, open and cold building. Probably it could be a school for them, the building of which started in 1992 but due to the lack of money or corruption, it was stopped. It was supposed to be one of the most modern schools in the region. Today, the school walls attract people as a resource for free building materials and lovers of paintball and strikeball.
A young man wanders the remains of little known today and historically forgotten fort, which is located in a forest in Briukhovychi and is one of 11 forts that provided a Lviv defense. Unfortunately, now it is successfully provided with garbage.

Loving husband and wife whisper walking down the Bogdan Khmelnytskyi park. It is firstly mentioned in 1887, in the manuscript of “Krynica” is written to build a so-called “Park of fun” near the railway station and in 1897 the 20 hectares park area was settled. On the other hand, we see that 2012 did it's adjustments with an attempt to build over the park. Now we can see attempts of park restoration that will serve as a resting place with benches and playgrounds but without garbage bins and waste.

The next factor of the project is based on moral principles. Wearing the vyshyvanka is a modern, beautiful and trendy, but the internal personality remains being closed, almost everyone shows itself only visually. This does not guarantee the patriotic position of man, his civic consciousness and involvement to the problems of society. Even vyshyvanka does not change our inner belief, but gives a chance for self-discovery in own culture.