The first charity Sport_Fest was conducted in Briukhovychi

On the 10th of June, the event gathered almost three hundred of people of different age groups on the territory of the “Kolyba” lake.

The territory was divided into three main locations, which everyone could choose according to own preferences.

The guests were welcomed by the activists of the NGO “Community Development” and the “Legion” Sports Club with the sound of quadricycles, the mini hippodrome performance, the laser show of the paintball club and children’s trampolines. In general, the first zone was created exclusively for the youngest visitors. Almost 60 children together with professional instructors of the club “Quadromoto” raced on quadricycles, kids tried themselves as paintball players, rode horses and got no less euphoria from jumping on trampolines.


The second zone was the most fascinating, because of performances of strongmen of the sports club “Legion”, workout athletes, mixfighters, impressed not only girls but all present people. Firstly, there was a training session of the athletes of the “Legion” Club in which children, full of enthusiasm were involved. Afterwards, small judoists, workout athletes, and mixfighters amazed people with their skills and talents. The strongest Lviv student, Pavlo Kordiyaka, demonstrated his skills in lifting a 70 kg metal deck, wheel rolling and one hand girls lifting. People were also attracted with the bicycle trial. In addition, women spent their time useful, they were able to learn how to defend themselves, because there was specially held a master class for women's self-defense.


Also, the event visitors became participants of different competitions: the circle relay, armwrestling, rope dragging. Every willing person, being pre-registered, was able to take part. Tired but happy participants received diplomas, as well as gifts: quadro, wake park, paintball certificates and sweets. After that, there was conducted an Open air party and DJ sets.


The food court was located in the third zone. Competition participants could find there delicious and useful sandwiches and fruit salads which were prepared by the food service - EatBeFit. The representatives of the NGO “Patriot” treated people with tasty uzvar and kulish which greatly raised mood and added strength to visitors. Sweet cupcakes, marshmallows and eclairs which were cooked by girls of the 10th grade, delighted not only eyes but also stomachs of everyone.


At the end, all the partners were rewarded with gratitudes for the help in the festival organization. The NGO “Community Development” expresses sincere and grateful thanks for the assistance in organizing and conducting the Sport_Fest Briukhovychi:

The “Kolyba” Ltd, paintball club "Hunter", ”Vodoo” Wake park, “Kvadromoto”, the NGO “Patriot”, Ukrainian Union of ATO participants, useful food of proper nutrition - EatBeFit.

And also thanks to the announcer and DJs.

The festivals like this unite, introduce the residents and guests of the city, as well as promotes the development of the village. At the beginning of the festival, the organizers set themselves a goal to popularize and show that a healthy lifestyle and sport are a great alternative to negative habits. Impressed spectators, happy children and gratitude are the best rewards for us.

Each visitor contributed their own part of the goodness, because the collected funds which are about 3 thousand of hryvnias will be an additional financial grant for the arrangement of the “Corner of Goodness” which is a kind of recreation room for small patients of the ophthalmologic department of the regional hospital “Okhmatdyt” in Bryukhovychi.