Fighting against rude and not well-timed transporters in Bryukhovychi

According to Bryukhovychi activists, the route №8 runs with time violations, drivers are rude and skip their last evening route. The NGO activists asked for explanations to the administration of the transporter Mira and K, which serves the route.

The residents of Bryukhovychi are dissatisfied with the bus running on the route №8, which is served by the transporter “Mira and K”. People complain about the rough attitude of drivers to passengers and running without any timetables. In addition, drivers violate transportation rules because the cabin is often smoky and dirty.

At the beginning of the year the Bryukhovychi initiative group organized a meeting of the representatives of the Bryukhovychi branch of the NGO “Community Development”, town mayor and members of the transporter “Mira and K”. However, this meeting did not bring the desired results. The route №8 drivers did not change their attitude to their passengers.

After that Bryukhovychi the activists of the NGO together with a lawyer of the “Community Development” visited the main office of  “Mira and K”, where they heard a promise to pay more attention to violations. On the page of the “Bryukhovychi BLOG” Volodymyr Benio, the activist of the “Community Development” reported:

According to the transporter’s Mira and K administration, on the 15.01.17 (when the meeting of the Bryuhovychi citizens and the management ofMira and K took place),  from the beginning of the year they received only three complaints from the Management of Transport and Communication of Lviv City Council, according to complaints of the “8th route on the cities hotline,  and therefore, they do not see the systematic violation in services of transportation.

After the double intervention of activists on route there eventually ran more buses and drivers started to negotiate with the town mayor to solve the situation.

The activists and initiative group of Bryukhovychi initiated the electronic survey about violations and collect signatures from passengers of the route №8. The collected complaints will be attached to an official letter to the Department of Transport and Communications of the Lviv City Council.

The NGO participants plan to organize a quadrilateral meeting: Bryukhovychi citizens; transporters that own minibuses; transporter “Mira and K” and the Department of Transport and Communications of Lviv City Council to discuss the problem and get the expected result.