In Briukhovychi children studied a police car

As part of the "Make a Step" project, children from Briukhovychi tried themselves as public order protectors. Yeva and  Marko dream of working in the police in the future, so activists gave children the opportunity to feel themselves as policemen.


"I could not even imagine that policemen are such good people. They told us many interesting things, let me sit on the driver's seat of a real car. I begin to count years and even better study at school. It's only 13 years left and I will work in the police, it's very cool "- said Marko.

The kids got answers to all their questions and they saw with their own eyes the conditions in which policemen work. The children learned about work of the police service and realized that it is a law defending organization, and in all unclear or conflict situations the police will always come to help. In addition, policemen motivated children to study well, read a lot and include sports activities to the rhythm of their own lives. In addition, children received useful and delicious gifts. Yeva and Marko were amazed with stories and things that they saw, as a result they left the police station with sadness in their eyes and they asked to come here again.