In Briukhovychi children and ATO soldiers talked about peace in Ukraine

On the 21st of September, due to the Day of Peace,  war participants visited training and rehabilitation center of St. Nicholas in Briukhovychi. Activists of the NGO "Community Development" invited Ukrainian soldiers to talk with pupils. It is extremely important for us that the young generation understands what is happening in the east of Ukraine and why peace is so important in our country.

In addition, participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war took part in the event: Yevgen Parvasiuk, Andriy Sydorak and Tymur Barotov. Guys told about their own experience and how it is scary when the war covers peaceful cities. Also, soldiers taught children to appreciate every moment of life and believe in the fast victory of Ukraine in order to have peace and serenity in our country.

To my mind, nobody will tell children about peace better than those who survived the war. We live and partly feel the consequences of war in the east. But there are those who experienced them and like nobody else appreciates peace. About these things, we talked with children today, - says Volodymyr Benio, the head of the Briukhovychi branch of the NGO "Community Development".

Therefore, soldiers got from children some paper pigeons which were prepared together with activists in a sign of peace and prosperity. Children also told poetry and sang various songs for fighters.


Finally, children promised to study and develop for the sake of Ukraine and their heroes - ATO fighters.