The football championship gathered children again on the football field

On the 2nd of March the second round of a football championship Copa started, which involves pupils of the ERC of St. Nicholas with its own team Syla.

The second round of the championship shows its results. Well-trained and experienced young footballers are fluent in ball possession, understand some subtleties of football and improve their own football skills.

The rival team this time was “Mriya”. During the first half our “Syla” was walking confidently to the victory and scored two goals. Unfortunately, in the second half young players became exhausted and low physical activity gave its results. The team conceded 3 goals. As a result, the match ended with the score 3:2.

The defeat in the game did not influence the children’s mood and they were pretty happy with the return of the football championship. The enthusiastic team is preparing for the next game.