Hippotherapy for needy children in Bryukhovychi

On the 28th of February as a part of a project Help for people with special needs activists of Bryukhovychi branch of the NGO Community Development together with recreational riding center Keptaryk organized a lesson in equestrian sport and hippotherapy at the hippodrome of LvivSKA. Five children from poor families from Bryukhovychi and five pupils from ERC of St. Nicholas participated in this event.


Nowadays, lessons in equestrian sport with the usage of rehabilitation techniques – hippotherapy, are becoming increasingly popular. This is a great opportunity to spend your time in useful and memorable way, but also it is a mean of rehabilitation, which provides faster improvement of health, the function of support-motor system, which is very important for children with disabilities.

During hippotherapy children can perform exercises on horseback, communicate with animals directly and overcome fear and anxiety. Also, our little guests attended sightseeing tours, were told about the pets, their achievements, and challenges that equestrian sport faces today. At the end of the event happy kids, who rode horses more than enough, prepared some small yummies for animals with their own hands and fed horses with apples and carrots.