Dmytro Korneliuk conducted a motivational training for Briukhovychi pupils

On the 7th of November, as a part of the project "Career guidance", students of Briukhovychi met with Dmytro Korneliuk, the showman and blogger.

The meeting with well-known announcer was organized by activists of the Briukhovychi branch of the NGO "Community Development". Dmytro told children about his job and how to achieve a success. It was the first time, as the speaker barely managed to answer the questions. Children asked about how to maximize their potential and succeed in the future.

"We gather people, who are leaders, we may feel discomfort, but these people are an incentive for us to achieve own goals. Moreover, do not forget about humor, because it helps to find a way out of any situation", - says Dmytro Korneliuk

"We learned how to leave our own comfort zone, close eyes on the vicissitudes, and also how to find ourselves and our own destination. We conducted classes in cozy atmosphere and got to know that it helps to find a way out of any situation," - says Lilia Goncharuk, an activist of the NGO "Community Development"

Let us recall that as a part of the project "Career guidance", we have already conducted about 12 meetings, speakers of which were specialists in different professions.