Activists gifted warm clothes and delicious things to pupils of the St. Nicholas Rehabilitation Center

Members of the Briukhovychi branch of the NGO "Community Development" always care about pupils of the St. Nicholas educational and rehabilitation center. Activists arrange interesting leisure activities for children, conduct educational classes and visit children as guests too. This time activists gathered and handed necessary things and delicious gifts to children.

Activists have been collecting gifts for two months. They managed to collect toys, clothes, books, stationery and delicacies. As a result, almost 100 children from Briukhovychi and pupils of the rehabilitation center received their presents.


We always want to satisfy our close friends with pleasant and tasty gifts. In autumn, cold days, everyone wants attention, warm communication and gifts as well. So this is what we organized for our friends - pupils of the rehabilitation center.The real euphoria for us is to feel again the childish emotions and sincere words of gratitude. Because only children can appreciate our efforts with such warmness, - says Lilia, an activist of the Briukhovychi branch of the NGO "Community Development".


Activists of the NGO "Community Development" express their gratitude to Marta Nesteruk, the owner of the beauty salon "Martelle Studio", who always helps and takes care of kids. "Radymo" - for a large number of delicious yogurts. The Crackers and Stepankiv confectionery - for crispy and multicolored biscuits. Also, they express gratitude to the Factory of the first fantasies "Okto" for a colorful, natural, Ukrainian play-doh.