Secrets of a young lady: ERC pupils learned how to take care of their own health

“To love yourself is a way to happiness on the earth - these words became the slogan of the course Secrets of a young lady”, which took place on the 7th of February at Saint Nicholas ERC from an initiative of the Bryukhovychi branch of the NGO Community Development.


An activist together with Zenovia Shchepyak, the children obstetrician-gynecologist, visited girls - the pupils of the institution.

The conversation went in relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The doctor told about personal hygiene, preservation of women’s health as well as girl’s physiological development and puberty problems. In a small friendly circle they watched a short film, had a lot of conversations, played games. The girls were interested and asked questions, to which they received satisfactory answers not only in terms of medicine, but also from the point of view of a woman and mom. Mrs. Zenovia taught young ladies how to remember a simple truth that “the ability to cherish and love yourself is a foundation of a happy and harmonious life.

In addition, grateful girls treated the activist and guest with warm tea and sweets, and invited them for new meetings again in the scope of this project.