Pupils of the St. Nicholas rehabilitation center mastered the profession of confectioner

As a part of the social project "Make a step", founded by Briukhovychi branch of the NGO "Community Development", girls from the St. Nicholas rehabilitation center attended a master-class in confectionery from the finalist of the 6th "Master chef" season - Natalia Petryk.

Together with a recognized guru of cooking, girls learned how to cook an appetizing dessert - a crumble pie. During the dessert baking and serving, every little hostess shared her original recipes. In addition, Ms. Natalia gave each girl a special attention to help to choose a future profession. Finally, an interesting and instructive meeting ended with the tasting of the common meal.

"If you evaluate this project, it's extremely difficult to distinguish the most interesting lesson. For children, it's an opportunity to spend time funny, moreover, it is a great leisure too. I understand the fact that the mood, desires and dreams of children can change rapidly. But, in my opinion, such meetings should be introduced to children from the earliest years. Because it is an opportunity to see and feel what you are going to do in the future. Favorite work is always a positive mood, a desire to wake up in the morning, the best medicine and the sign that the day of your life was not wasted," - said Lilia Goncharuk, an activist of the Briukhovychi branch of the NGO "Community Development".


Let us recall that as a part of the "Make a Step" project, children of Briukhovychi, as well as pupils of the St. Nicholas rehabilitation center try themselves in various professions. Children have already mastered about 10 specialties.