The final adventures of children in the camp

Last week ended another unique camp "Moves&skills" for children whose parents are members of ATO, organized by the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) together with the eponymous Charitable Foundation.

Protracted conflict - is a kind of a test for Ukrainians. And despite all, we are together, we try to overcome all barriers to prevent the destruction of Ukraine. About things like this, it is not easy to say for adults, and for children - even more. And not only for them - not for our campers. Because these children not from TVs know about the anti-terrorist operation, they have information from their parents. Children know about the main enemy of our country, in a conversation with them you lose the language, because you don't know what words to choose to convey information to them as to children, because they know the whole truth. And, frankly, they are strong, like their parents, they can tell us a hundred times more, the understanding and sober awareness of Ukrainian issues are not always present in adults. On such facts, even indifferent will not be able to respond.

So our mission is to help and create the best environment for these children to spent their childhood, like all the other kids. The organizers put a lot of effort and attention to the children, in order to abstract them from the routine of everyday life, to give the opportunity to enjoy, smile and enjoy years of childhood.

Our team organized a children's summer camp in the Carpathian mountains from 6 to 16 July. During their stay, the children learned a lot of new knowledge, shared previously acquired information and received positive emotions, spent time together.

Camp organizers have arranged all the conditions that the children had a chance to find a lot of friends and experience the benefits of live communication, as modern children mostly spend their free time in social networks.

The last days of camp, started in the usual for them schedule: running, morning exercises and Breakfast. And at the end of their joint activities, campers received from the organizers a bonus for the use of their free time at their discretion.

On Monday the weather has made adjustments to schedule of the day. The children had a home theater, they choose a movie to watch - "the Hunger Games" and ate popcorn. Not accidental was the choice of the film because the Director focuses on the willpower of the protagonist, which is very typical for our campers. After lunch the kids productively spent time playing educational games or just talking on different topics. And in the evening they waited for a rousing party, after which, as always, the children had no desire for bed.

Tuesday brought to campers new sports victories. After all, the boys unanimously chose to play football at the “Arena Slavske”. The guys returned home satisfied, and while the girls were preparing for the talent competition. After lunch, children expressed a desire to walk around the city. After returning, the children were treated with milkshakes and delicious sweets.

Wednesday was surprisingly sad, because the children understood that it was the last day of their joint vacation and didn't want the camp ended. On the last day campers shared their abilities at the celebration of the talents of the participants of the camp "Moves&skills".

"It should be noted that children are extremely gifted. The girls are very good singers, they write poems and skillfully braided hair. And the guys, in turn, pleased with funny stories, athletic and personal collections of pebbles. Most we were impressed by the performance of the participant of the campJura, which showed beatbox. Children very pleased us, they were great!", says Marta Kozytska, an activist of the NGO "Community Development".

Then the children have a farewell party- picnic on the river bank, all together recalled the most memorable moments of the period of stay in the camp. Everyone was overwhelmed with emotions and no one wanted to leave.

"Children are really satisfied with their rest, we are in contact with them and know that everyone is waiting for further adventures in the "Moves&skills". Our team is happy because the kids liked the camp, and we are convinced that our camp is unique because we are unique!" - said Hrystyna Melekestseva, the organizer of the camp.

The organizers and participants of the summer camp are sincerely grateful to the project partners, which include: ODO "Zhydachiv syr zavod", PJSC "Concern Khlibprom", LLC "Sandora", the restaurant "Maxym" Good Pharmacy, Bank Credit Agricole, VS-Bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval. Special thanks for significant financial support in conducting the camp organizers would like to give to Ukrainians in London, also we are grateful to the guide of the rope road in the village Slavske, administration of the “Arena Slavske", club "Bowling", PE “Lyko V.V.”, PE “Svyd M.”.