Caution on the road can save lives

Crossing the road everyone should be extremely careful and always follow the rules of the road for pedestrians. While ignoring these simple requirements can lead to tragic consequences.

During the last week more than four accidents happened in Lviv, in which pedestrians were injured. In one of those accidents a young resident of  Lviv -  Ivan Merko died. The accident occurred on April 26, 2015. Doctors struggled for his life more than a week. The sister of the victim Gerasymchuk M.Z.  appealed to the Charitable foundation "Community Development" with a request to raise funds for the treatment of  young man. Foundation started to fundraise money. But doctors could not do anything and because of severe injuries the young man died.

Members of the NGO "Community Development" together with the head of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development" Solomiya Starosolska express sincere condolences to the family of Ivan Merko. The collected funds will be handed to mother of the deceased man Merko S.E. by the activists.

In view of the increasing incidence of accidents, we remind, that everyone has to be more careful, to follow the rules of the road as drivers and pedestrians. Below are some tips / reminders to avoid tragedies.

Tips for Pedestrians:

1. Hurry slowly!
2. Even in the crosswalk, regulated by traffic light, you should be careful and vigilant.
3. Be especially careful in rainy weather. The car slows down much more slowly in the wet, and especially - on wet pavement.
4. Walking with children near the roadway, adults have to go closer to the road, and children - away from it.
5. At bus stops do not go out on the road before the bus, trolley or tram because you will not see the driver who rides on neighboring lane roadway.

Tips for drivers:

1. Be especially careful on the road in twilight time, because visibility of pedestrians is worse.
2. Remember braking distance in the wet weather is much longer.
3. Be especially careful near public transportation: in front of the bus, tram or trolleybus pedestrians can "jump".
4. If another vehicle brakes on the crosswalk in front of you - brake too: a pedestrian is crossing the road, whom you do not see.
5. Be careful to the cyclists on the roadway, especially when going on the lanes or traveling on secondary roads.