"Beauty from St. Nicholas"

Today, on December 11, activists of the NGO "Community Development" organized for woman in wheelchair, Oksana Shypos a trip to the hairdressing salon, "the Fashion line" in the framework of the initiative "Beauty from ST. Nicholas".
Oksana, as every woman wants to feel herself beautiful. Unfortunately, she does not always have the means and the opportunity to visit beauty salons. Today for Oksana was a nice and busy day: she had a fashionable haircut, dyed her hair and had a manicure.
  • I am very pleased with the result, which I saw in the mirror. I want to thank the artists who had worked on the creation of my image. Separately, I would also like to thank the volunteers of NGO that created for me this holiday, - says Oksana.
Activists of «Community Development» continue to support people with special needs and will try to please other beauties.