Public organizations of Lviv region asked the deputies of the Regional Council to support the introduction of formal Day of Embroidery Shirts

Activists of the NGO "Community Development" registered a letter addressed to the Chairman and deputies of the Lviv Regional Council with a request to vote at the session on 26 April, the draft decision on the appeal to the Verkhovna Rada and the President regarding the official introduction of the annual Day of Embroidery Shirts at the national level. The letter was signed by more than 20 public organizations of Lviv region.
The initiative is also supported by authoritative art historians Olena Kis-Fedoruk, Halyna Stelmashchuk, Iryna Danyliv-Flinta, Chairman of the Association of heads of schools of Lviv Lilia Feshchuk, TV presenter Olga Prychun, collector of embroidery shirts Roksoliana Shemchuk, the volunteer and the teacher Sofia Fedyna and others.
Also signatures under the letter have put more than two dozen public organizations of Lviv region. According to activists, a positive vote of parliamentary bodies in LRC and LCC will give weight to the opinion of the public.
  • "The day embroidery shirs is international, but still not an official national holiday. These letters about the official introduction of Day of Embroidery Shirts we sent to deputies of the Regional Council and Lviv City Council. I hope that the deputies of both sessions will support them. Thus the region will unanimously declare the Central government its position regarding the status of Day of Embroidery Shirts," - said the press Secretary of the NGO "Community Development" Oksana Maruniak.


Activists are going to come in embroidery shirts on regional Council session tomorrow at 10:00.
On April 27 activists of the NGO "Community Development", together with representatives of the LRC, LCC and an authoritative art historians will present the "Festival of embroidery shirts" and a series of events that will be held to the Day of embroidery shirts. This " Festival of embroidery shirts " activists and officials want to make an annual event.
Public organizations which have put signatures under the petition to the Lviv regional Council:
СF "Patriot-Lviv"
NGO military patriotic training "Patriot"
NGO "Patriot"
NGO "Afghanska Sotnia"
NGO "Varta 1"
NGO "Startap Hab Ukraine"
NGO “Lvivska Oblasna Spilka Sotsialnogo Zahystu Bijtsiv ATO ta Simej Zahyblyh"
NGO "Ukrainska Spilka Uchasnykiv ATO"
NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”)
NGO "Volonterskyi Kurin"
NGO "Verhovenstvo Zakonu"
NGO "Hrim"
NGO "Antykoruptsiynyi Monitoryng Lvivshchyny"
NGO “Sportyvnyi Klub “Legion” Lviv”
NGO "Asotsiatsiya Platnykiv Podatkiv Ukrainy u Lvivskiy Oblasti"
NGO " Asotsiatsiya Platnykiv Podatkiv Ukrainy u Lvovo "
The local branch of the Ukrainian NGO " Asotsiatsiya Platnykiv Podatkiv Ukrainy " in Chervonograd
NGO "Objednania Invalidiv Lvivshchyny"
NGO “Zentr Pidtrymky Spryjannia Zahystu Prav Liudyny”
NGO "Krok"