NGO "Community Development" arranged a holiday for the elderly people

In Day of protection of the elderly people NGO "Community Development" gave a festive concert for residents of Lviv geriatric.
The festive event was attended by partners duet VlaTar and preschool Children's home № 1.


"With this concert, we decided not just to entertain grandparents, we show that they are not forgotten that there are people who care about them", - said the activist of the NGO "Community Development" Inna Onyshkiv.

A feature of this concert was the presence of kids. It was kind of a combination of generations.

Kids prepared for the elderly a lot of interesting performances, they danced, sang songs and entertained the grandparents with hilarious sketches.
The guys from the Duo created a furor among the elderly people speaking in the costumes of the members of the popular group DZIDZIO.