How Lviv celebrated the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery

NGOs of Lviv jointly conducted the Festival of Ukrainian Embroidery, which initiated the NGO"Community Development". During month in Lviv was hosted the event, which was intended to acquaint people with the history of embroidery, to make it fashionable among all segments of the population, to restore the perception of embroidery as a powerful talisman and symbol of goodwill and peace-loving Ukrainian nation.
Regional Festival of Ukrainian Embroidery was organized jointly by the Department of Culture of Lviv Regional State Administration, Department of Education and Culture Department of the Lviv City Council and NGO "Community Development".
The Festival began on April 18 with a collection of embroidery, embroidered elements and video message to the international community in schools of the city and region. All video applications from pupils with a call to celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery ,gathered embroidery and an official letter from the Department of Culture of the LRSA was sent to nearly 50 countries.

Already on the eve of Easter in the Central part of the city opened 20-days exhibition of embroidery from different regions of Ukraine. During the month on the square Cathedral adorned 10  banners with photos of images of beautiful Ukrainian women from different parts of our country. Next everyone could read the description-explain the style of the embroidery of a particular region.

Continued Festival of Ukrainian Embroidery at the main sports arena of the city. On May 8, fans and players of FC "Karpaty" dressed in Patriotic clothes for the match with Shakhtar.

On May 10, the day of reburial of the body of the glorious Kobzar, were held Shevchenko readings among the artists of the city. The event was held in the store "Knyzhkovyi Dvoryk", str. Vynnychenka, 4.
On May 17, was a premiere of the first of the first feature-length documentary film about embroidery – “the Heritage of the Nation”(“Spadok Natsii”) in King Cross Leopolis. Lviv became the third city in Ukraine after Kiev and Chernivtsi, which demonstrated this unique film. The premiere has collected a full house.

The finale of the Festival of Ukrainian Embroidery took place on May 19.
During a hole day on the Market Square Lviv citizens and city guests could watch a concert, "Embroidered Ukraine", which was organized jointly by the NGO "Lviv Regional Union of Social Protection of ATO Soldiers and Families of the Victims"(“Lvivska Oblasna Spilka Sotsialnogo Zahystu Biytsiv ATO ta Simej Zahyblyh”), the participants of the project "My dad protects Ukraine"(“Mij Tato Zahyshchaye Ukrainu”) and "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”). The action started with “Haivky” for children and adults involving singing and dance groups. Next were the Cossack demonstration performances, flashmob, during which people (over 200 people) made up the embroidery pattern, the embroidery of a large map of Ukraine, a treat with real soldiers “Kulish” and many others. During the event, with the audience constantly worked leading Studio "Maharych".
Ended the holiday with charity party in the club "Picasso", during which were collected funds for the acquisition of intravenous catheters for children's hospitals. Also there were performances by the band "BAND.IT", the singer MIA, Lyana Novak, group “Glamur”, comedian show presented the duet "Braty Hrachi." Also at the party were three shows of men's and women's embroidered outfits.

NGO "Community Development" expresses  sincere gratitude to all partners, patrons and benefactors of the Festival of Ukrainian Embroidery:
Wonderful presenter Dmytro Korneliuk, which made the atmosphere of the evening friendly, and extremely positive; participants of the show "Miss TV Lviv" and their friends; the teachers of the town - the Education Department of the LCC and the Chairman of the Association of Heads ofS in Lviv; AV Leopolis ,that provided the sound equipment for the benefit evening; the company "Truskavetska", who provided water to all events at the Festival, salon "Mamyna Svitlytsia", which provided a wonderful embroidered outfits for a fashion show; workshop "Treti Pivni", which provided professional photographs for the exhibition; network "Planeta Kino", where was held the premiere of the film on the embroidery; the restaurant "Mafia", which provided charity evening with Cossack real treat, Thanks a lot to the partners of FC "Karpaty" VPV "Patriot".
We are sincerely grateful to the Titular partner of the Festival construction company "Trembita", the General partner of the Festival, the Development company "Sigma Estate, the firm "Ecoflora", ad group "Effect", the restaurant "Hutsulska Grazhda", the hotel "Comfort", the firm ASG Nistrom Ukraine, the manufacturer of Tajima, as well as a fitness centre Premium.
Special thanks to the administration and staff of the club "Picasso" who joined to host the evening-finale of the Festival of Ukrainian Embroidery.