Activists of social formation talk about the features of their service

Central part of the city - is the heart of Lviv, which is actively full of life from morning till night, because here are the most popular tourist routes. The peace and order on the streets of the old town provided by the employees of the Galytskyi regional Police Department and members of the social formation "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”).
While patrolling the main streets of the city to the members of social formation repeatedly had to solve different kinds of conflicts. For example, last week the Gallytskyi regional Police Department received the message from the residents of the street Krakiwska about the strong sounding music on the street. Sentinels had to spend with musicians preventive conversation.
In addition to extremely loud street art law enforcement officers are faced with the case of unauthorized redevelopment of residential premises. Employees of city utilities reported to police that on the third floor of an old house down the street Krakiwska are carried out construction work without proper permits. At the time of arrival of law enforcement officers and members of social formation, the owner of the premises was not present, and the master immediately left his place of work. In order to prevent further illegal actions, which could result in damage to a historic building, the apartment was closed and sealed by the master of Lviv Municipal Enterprise.
Among other offenses that occurred in the city center, it is worth noting the following theft. Whether because of competition or the reluctance to work in the centre of the city amusement rides, the attackers stole from the owner of the carousel electric cable and damaged the electrical control. The event took place on Liberty Avenue.
Recall that the members of SF "Community Development" co-operate with the employees of the Galytskyi regional Police Department, namely help patroling the streets, go out with a patrol to the scene of the crime, and detain criminals and deliver them to the district.