Bright meeting during the patrol

Recently, while patrolling the streets in the city center, members of social formation "Community Development"(“Rozvytok hromady”), communicated with the famous stars of TV screens Liliya Rebryk and Dmytro Tankovych.
We must mention that the meeting of the wardens of order with "celebrities" took place not because of a committed offence. On the contrary, during the qualifying audition of Ukrainian talentshow "Everybody Dance" in Lviv, the narrators of the project Liliya Rebryk and Dmytro Tankovych walked on the main streets of the Lviv city. Noticing the representatives of social formation "Community Development", who patrolled the city, TV stars met them and learned about the formation and activity.
Not bewildered by such a sudden and bright acquaintances, members of social formation explained to the guests from the capital, that they have joined together to ensure the public peace and order. Gave several examples from personal experience, how did they helped the law enforcement to investigate or prevent crimes. Although, patrolling the streets do not always focus exclusively on the rule of law. For example, recently, activists of social formation noticed in the street the woman, she felt herself very bad. Men gave her first aid, from which she got better and didn't even have to call an ambulance.
Learning about the work and good intentions of activists of SF "Community Development", star narrators wished them success, and made a joint commemorative photo.