Lviv patriots are invited to the public formation

NGO "Community Development" creates a public formation for the protection of public order in the city.
We are inviting active citizens who are patriots, mentally and physically ready to participate in the work of public formation. When selecting to work in the public formation preference will be given to the officers of the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies, also citizens who have experience in the protection of public order, a certain level of knowledge, physical fitness and growth of at least 170 cm
The main objectives of the organization are:
a) in the sphere of protection of public order:
- assistance to the police in maintaining of a public order and public security, the prevention of administrative offences and crimes;
- informing agencies and departments of internal Affairs about committed or prepared crimes, places of the criminal gangs;
- assistance to the police in identifying and solving crimes, wanted persons who have committed them, the protection of the interests of the state, enterprises, institutions, organizations, citizens against crime;
- participation in ensuring road safety and the assistance in solving problems with homelessness and juvenile delinquency;
b) in the case of emergencies:
- providing emergency care to victims of accidents or offences;
- participation in the rescue of people and property, the maintenance of public order.
To achieve its objectives formation and its members are entitled to:
a) to participate in ensuring the protection of public order, together with the employees of internal Affairs authorities;
b) to use together with the staff of internal Affairs authorities of the measures for the cessation of administrative offences and crimes;
c) to represent and protect the interests of members in state authorities and enterprises, institutions, organizations, and educational institutions;
d) to cooperate with other bodies of public performances, participating in activities aimed at:
- conduct individual preventive work with persons likely to commit administrative violations and crimes;
- assist in the fight against crimes in the sphere of the economy, tax laws, as well as alcoholism, drug addiction, violations of trade rules and landscaping of cities and other settlements;
- protection of nature and monuments of history and culture;
- provision of road safety;
e) to amend the public authorities, local self-government, enterprises, institutions and organizations irrespective of form of property suggestions to prevent administrative violations and crimes, the occurrence of the causes and conditions conducive to their commitment;
(f) to liaise with relevant NGO’s in other countries to exchange experience.
The formation operates under the control of the internal Affairs authorities by:
(a) joint with internal Affairs officers patrolling and issuing posts in the streets, squares, railway stations, at airports, in places of compact residence of citizens, enterprises, institutions, organizations, and educational institutions; participation in ensuring the protection of public order during mass events, as agreed in the cases provided by law, Executive bodies of local councils;
b) participation in activities of law enforcement authorities aimed at combating certain types of offences.