Social formation of SF “Community Development” (HF "Rozvytok Hromady ") is the guardian of order in Lviv

Representatives of the SF "Community Development" told about the features of their work and which latest new methods they will soon use in their work.

Participants of the formation are daily patrolling the streets of the city, providing quietness in the city. Over the last week, the representatives of SF resolved the conflict of the residents of one apartment, that appeared on home problems. Also the guards have not allowed the spontaneous trade of food products at the market "Prosperity".  It should be noted, that doctors warn the residents of the city not to buy products and ready meals, located on sidewalks near markets and on land, that is not allowed by sanitary standards.

Representatives of a social formation "Community Development" exposed unfair volunteer, who allegedly collected money to help participants of ATO near the monument to King Danylo. However, when testing him, it was proved, that the citizen had not any permits, that is why he was arrested before the arrival of investigative team.

Soon members of the social formation can use Digital Video Recorders. This will fix the offense. Another advantage of video recorders, as the head of the social formation notes, is that the citizens will have the opportunity to have the independent control over the activity of  SF.

We have to remind, that representatives of SF  "Community Development" work closely with law enforcement agencies. In the competence of the participants SF: going with the guard to place of the offense and arresting criminals and bringing them to the police office.

Hotline of social formation "Community Development":
(032) 261 09 10
(063) 016 54 53