Lviv Reional State Administaration encouraged concerned citizens to join law enforcement in Lviv

Yesterday, July 14, at the Lviv regional administration has passed meeting of representatives of the regional authorities with police officers and the public. This important event was attended by the members of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”).
Lviv was shocked with the enormous explosions, which already arevclassified as terrorist attacks. Explosions near police stations occurred almost simultaneously, one on the street Plugova 8A, there hit a policeman, the other on the streetYuriya Lypy, there blown up the woman. MIA connects the terrorist attacks in Lviv with the events in Zakarpatia, organized with the aim of destabilizing of the situation in the country.
About the situation that has arisen in the Lviv region the Governor convened a special meeting. They invited representatives of law enforcement agencies, and effective activists of NGO’s.

"We sincerely condole with the families of the injured in the horrific terrorist attacks that rocked Lviv today. In turn, the public must do everything possible to prevent further provocations. SF "Community Development" and other social formations for a long time were patrolling the city along with law enforcement officers. We invite active citizens who care about safety in the city to participate and help the community advocates. We must join forces and patrol the city together, because only by joint action of the citizens we will be able to maintain order and security in our hometown," stressed the Chairman of NGO "Community Development" Oleg Dolinsky.

Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Oleg Synyutka in turn urged community activists to collaborative interaction with police officers to ensure the safety and security of citizens. According to him, today, except for law enforcement bodies, it is very important the participation of NGO’s and groups, as well as the vigilance of ordinary citizens.
Also during the meeting, drew attention to the posts that are voluntarily installed on the roads of Lviv region. The participants came to the conclusion that any posts should be installed only by agreement with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and with the participation of law enforcement officers.