Who keeps order and peace in Lviv?

The issue of security on the streets of Lviv is perhaps, the most relevant today for the residents of our city. It would be desirable know whether we can really feel safe, leaving our houses?
Lviv Municipal Enterprise "Municipal squad" started its activity with the aim of ensuring protection of public order and official institutions. The formation contains at the expense of the city budget. For several years, this institution also guarded the city Council, district Housing offices and cemeteries. Since 2006 the responsibilities of the formation includes surveillance of the owners of illegally parked cars and evacuation of cars to impound lots.
Subsequently were set specific duties, due to which LME "Municipal squad» must act:
1. The protection of public order in places determined by the city Council;
2. Public safety;
3. The control over the procedure of transportation of passengers and goods in public transport;
4. Cooperation with law enforcement authorities;

The reputation of LME “Municipal squad” began to plummet, leading to a reduction of the squad to 66 people.
In December 2014 was detained the briber from LME Municipal squad", which received more than 2 thousand UAH, from a person, that deliberately concealed the crime. Obviously, we should not expect support from such formations, which help to develop the corruption with which we, Ukrainians, are fighting for many years.
Therefore a number of questions arise: who will maintain order in the city? Whether Lviv citizens can move freely walking late at night from work to home?