Current information about the new wave of mobilization

Recently was launched a new wave of mobilization, which consists of three stages. The public has already revealed a number of nuances associated with the call for military service.
The first wave of mobilization started on 20 January this year and will last 90 days. The second wave will start in April and will last 60 days, and the third - in June and also last 60 days.
  1. What is the purpose of the new wave of mobilization?
First large-scale mobilization is aimed at replacement of the servicemen who year time perform combat tasks in the area of the ATO. That is why the government's plans to recruit "fresh" people and provide them with good training and new management. The main goal is the achievement of the mobilization plan and tasks.
It is known that the draft age for men is from 20 to 27 years. Recruits in the army will undergo military service for 1, 5 year. This will be done for the state to prepare a "qualitative reserve" of relevant experience. In the event of martial law all Conscripts may be involved in hostilities.
The Purpose of recruitment into the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the call of only patriotic citizens of Ukraine. Recruits must be physically prepared for service, morally and psychologically healthy, capable arms to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, to have an appropriate military training.However, people who have received a summons must necessarily go to service.The avoidance of military service is punishable by imprisonment from 2 to 5 years.
Therefore, you need to call, to defend your Motherland,firstly, patriotic people. After all, there is a risk that in the frontline will be recruits who do not have a goal to fight for Ukraine.
2. Is there any mobilization plan and objectives?

Quite important is a mobilization plan and objectives. It is a set of documents that define the content, scope, procedure and timing of the action. The question is whether theyexist in reality?
It seems that the main task of mobilizing to send to the front as much as possible men. And we are not talking about the training of military personnel and their material security. However, it is impossible to predict what will be the future actions of the authorities.
Guarantees to conscripts and providence of appropriate equipment to them.
The next important step of the mobilization is the appropriate safeguards for mobilized and providence of adequate uniforms for the forefront.
For mobilized provided the following guarantees:
  • Cash security for contract servicemen.
  • The preservation of jobs and of wages in any enterprise.
  • Social and legal guarantees, benefits for military personnel.
  • The payment of one-time cash assistance for demobilization.
  • Saving pension payment for the entire period of service during mobilization.
  • Guaranteed state insurance.
  • Providing pre-emptive right to remain in the military.
3. These offers are profitable for the military, but does the state ensure the fulfillment of all guarantees?
Equally important is the provision of military personnel of the appropriate equipment and clothing. We heard repeatedly about the"100%"equipping of the soldiers on the front lines. However, everyone understands that without volunteers help our military would be "naked and barefoot» in the area of the ATO.
The primary task of the state is to ensure mobilized clothing, footwear and necessary equipment. Each new rotation - is the additional expenditures from the budget for the Ukrainian army that exists only on paper. Volunteers provide military with all necessary equipment, but their ability decreases with time.
4. Certificates for travelling abroad: Myth or Reality?
Recently the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on additional measures for mobilization in 2015. It refers to the study of issues of citizens travelling abroad, who are conscripted during mobilization. The media spread the news that in the decree indicated the information about leaving the administrative unit.Thus every citizen of Ukraine, which received a summons, shall provide a certificate from the military while trying to cross the Ukrainian border. In that document must be information about the time of stay, and the country, which is scheduled to visit. If the person did not receive a summons, he is free to leave Ukraine.
We can conclude that this is another kind of corruption and profit for the military. It should be noted that for almost a year thrives bribery to avoid the mobilization. However, from a legal point of view, these limitations should not be, because they violate human rights.
Realizing what problems befell our army, and in what condition it is in, we require the authorities for the relevant conditions for the defenders of our country, to support their work and be proud of them.
Taras Lozynsky