"The day of the music embroidered shirts (“vyshyvanka”) in Lviv" – the results

The celebration of the national holiday, perhaps, most of all unites all Ukrainians. This is especially true during the period of enemy aggression, the annexation of the territory of the country, this holiday is a recognition of a symbol and talisman of the nation, symbol of the generosity of the Ukrainian people, the wealth and fertility of our land – "Vyshyvanka".

April 30, 2015, for the purpose of honoring and preserving folk traditions and symbolism, with the assistance of activists and initiators of the Chernivtsi City Council adopted a decision to impose on the third Thursday of May annual "Day of embroidered shirts". Representative body of local self-government of Chernivtsi addressed an appeal to the territorial communities, the Association of cities of Ukraine and President of Ukraine with the initiative to introduce the celebration of the "Day of embroidered shirts" in Ukraine. The team of Charitable Foundation "Community Development" as an organization created for the purpose of effective implementation of charitable activities to promote the realization of the highest principles and ideals of the existence of a European Civil Society, the development of local communities, support of Ukrainian culture and art, formation of a healthy lifestyle, ensuring international cooperation, stimulate creativity and develop the potential of youth, humanity and charity for the sake of development of Ukrainian society, unanimously decided to support this idea and would support the celebration of the "Day of embroidered shirts" Lviv.
Day of embroidered shirts, according to the organizers of the all-Ukrainian level, did not provide compulsory measures. This is a flash mob, when Ukrainians on a weekday wear the shirts to work, University, school or kindergarten. However, we decided that in Lviv, the city where we live, where we grow the future generation, the city, filled with an atmosphere of spirituality, Ukrainian traditions, festive events and emotions that will certainly remain in everyone's heart, this day will certainly need to hold cultural events, competitions, gatherings, fairs and so on.

Such measures, namely flashmob “Oberig natzii” ("Guardian of the nation"), a fashion show in embroidered shirts, treats to guests of holiday "Goodies as a thank for being a benefactor", in the musical accompaniment provided by the Lviv regional Philharmonic society, on our plan, were conducted with the aim of uniting all Ukrainians, lifting the national spirit and create a sense of unity and charity purpose – the purchase of shirts for children-orphans, children who have lost parental warmth, family warmth, to feel the inner unity of nation, in order to raise national spirit. In addition, we have joined the all-Ukrainian action “give the defender an embroidery shirt”, which, taking into account the situation in the country, is aimed at boosting morale spirit of Ukrainian soldiers in the area ATO.

The results of the campaign exceeded our expectations. Despite adverse weather conditions, we managed to raise funds to purchase shirts for the orphans who will participate in a summer camp called "Moves&Skills", organized jointly with the NGO "Community Development". The amount of collected funds – 4292 UAH.

In addition, our partners TM "Skyba" has given 3 embroidered shirts for our defenders. Another shirt for the military we have received from family Dolinskyh.

Thanks a lot to all our supporters that have joined our initiatives! Only by joint efforts we will be able to show strength and unity of our nation!

President of Charitable Foundation “Community Development",
Solomiya Starosolska