Nine calls in October: "Master for an Hour" continues to gain popularity

For the help of "Master for an hour" who solves small household problems, nine lonely elderly people contacted Tetiana Zakharchuk, the curator of the project this month.

The services of a professional craftsman in October were required by Lviv pensioners, who, unfortunately, left alone. In such cases, even minor, small malfunctions bring a lot of inconveniences.

"I ask for master's help for the second time. Mr. Yuriy fixes everything very professionally. Even minor breakdowns such as faucet leakage bring inconvenience to everyday life. Nowadays services of qualified masters are very expensive, and in relation to my pension, they become a luxury. Thank you for the project that provides the most necessary help, "- says Mrs. Oksana, the participant of the project "Master for an Hour".


In October, "Master for an Hour" Yuriy Palahniuk replaced and fixed faucets in the bathroom and kitchen, patched the roof on the balcony, repaired the electric doorbell and even repaired the TV remote control.
If you want to use the services of the "Master for an hour", you need to call the number +38 (098) 645 6252 or +38 (063) 016 8279. Let us recall that the social project is aimed to help disabled people of the 1st and 2nd group, as well as lonely pensioners.