In September "Master for an hour" had 12 calls or how exactly he helped lonely people this month

For more than two years, Yuriy Palahniuk participates in the charitable project of the NGO "Community Development" - "Master for an Hour", the curator of which is our activist - Tetiana Zakharchuk. During this period, Yuriy fixed a lot of malfunctions, changed light bulbs, repaired plumbing and electrical appliances that people are not able to deal with them on their own.

Only in September of this year, the "Master for an Hour" visited more than a dozen of people who needed elementary household assistance. Yuriy Palahniuk did following works:

 Faucet repair and replacement in the bathroom; valve replacement in the kitchen; siphon cleaning in the kitchen; faucet cleaning; socket replacement in the kitchen, mirror repair; siphon replacing (2pcs) for a new one, mounting the cover to the toilet, repairing the bathroom in the bathroom; Replacing the old door lock with a new one; replacing the faucet in the kitchen; replacing lock on the door, repairing the vacuum cleaner; Replacing the old socket with a new one in the kitchen, washing machine repair.

Let us recall that the social project of the NGO "Community Development" - "Master for an Hour" - is aimed to help disabled people of the first and second group, as well as lonely retirees.

If you want to get a free assistance call: (098) 645 6252, (063) 016 8279.