The “Master for an hour” shares his impressions from the project

Dozens of twisted light bulbs, repaired sinks and nightstands. It's more than two years since Yuriy Palahniuk is "Master for an hour". During this period, Yuriy fixed a lot of malfunctions and, what is the most important, he talked live with people who need elementary household assistance.

What is the number of clients and who asks the "Master for an hour" for help?
Each month, the number of people who need our help increases and the project which is called "Master of the Hour" gains its popularity. For example, in July we helped nine Lviv residents. We fixed shower doors, repaired drain tanks, replaced faucets and cleaned the sewage in the kitchen. I am sure that these problems can be solved easily by any proprietor but an old granny or a person with special needs is unable to deal with them.

How to get a free assistance from "Master for an hour"?
The social project of the NGO "Community Development" - "Master for an Hour" is considered to help disabled people of the first and second group, as well as lonely retirees. People can call us with these phone numbers: (098) 645 6252, (063) 016 8279 and we will definitely help them.

What problems Lviv residents face mostly?
The majority of our clients are elderly people who are unable to solve simple problems in the house by themselves. Sometimes they ask for help several times. Even the smallest malfunction in the house (the breakage of faucet or tank) can bring them a lot of inconvenience. Our project is created to help people to live in comfort.  Ordinary citizens do not even think about elementary problems that people with special needs face every day, every hour and even every minute. Therefore, the "Master for an Hour" social project will continue to do its all best to improve their lives.