More than 300 people have already received assistance in the framework of the project "Master for an hour"

Constantly growing number of references to social " Master for an hour ". The project began in the NGO "Community Development" to help with minor household problems to lonely pensioners, invalids of I - II groups and the families of participants of ATO.
Introduced the initiative in February 2015. Since then, the project is gaining popularity and publicity. If we first received a dozen appeals in a month, now this number has doubled. "Community Development" daily receives grateful comments from all corners of the city.

- We did not expect such agiotage, very pleased to receive grateful comments from our customers. The project develops, it becomes known between more and more people, even though people have some concerns, I am often asked what master is it, and if there is someone else there with him. To dispel human warnings and disseminate information about the project we are planning to launch social ads that talk about every detail about the masters and his work,- says head of the project Yuriy Pidkivka.

A qualified technician provides minor household repair, fixes problems, plumbing repairs, electrical appliances, broken furniture and so on.
• Plumbing (change of gaskets in the valve, fix toilet tank, plug the washing machine, replace the siphon)
• Electrician (repair lamp, replace the socket and repair them, check the wiring, changing fuses)
• Carpentry works (door locks, replacement of hinges, adjustment of sliding system, repair furniture, adjustment of plastic windows, doors)
• Repair of household appliances (small appliances, electric kettles, electric iron, electrohair dryer)
The master works on the call in the NGO "Community Development". The Manager, takes the order, conducts a short survey: the problem, the crux of the problem, deadlines, feedback. Then roughly estimates the cost of repairs and the cost of the materials.
We emphasize that the call and work of the master is free. The owners should only purchase material for repair. If a person, called the master, and cannot go to the store, then master will do it instead. Integrity is guaranteed by the organization.
During the period of the social project masters has helped more than 300 people. Minor domestic difficulties, which are able to resolve any common owner, for people with disabilities, seniors and families left without the head of the family can become real problems. That's why social organization has introduced a social initiative.
The project is developing in all cells of NGO "Community Development". All of concerned and conscious citizens can participate to help those who need it most.