The “box of Goodness” is getting faster and faster from day to day

On Friday, August 9, within the confines of the social project "Help Your Neighbour”, Charity Foundation “Rozvytok Hromady” together with “Auchan Pivdenniy” once again disturbed essential goods, which were collected by indifferent buyers with the help of “Box of goodness” to the poor, indigent and large families of Lviv.

All collected food kits: oil, rice, buckwheat, pasta, sugar, sweets, tea and canned food, after being accounted - have been packaged equally for 10 Lviv families, which, unfortunately, are currently in a difficult situation. Traditionally, each family also received fruit, which is constantly provided for free by Wholesale Market “Shuvar”.

Point out that there are already opened three “Boxes of goodness” in Lviv: in “Auchan Pivdennyi” (58 V.Velykoho St.), “Auchan Sokilnyky”(30 Stryiska St.), “Auchan Chornovola” (16i V. Chornovola). Therefore, concerned people will be able to buy necessary goods from the list, pay them at the checkout lane and put them in a special container at the entrance of the checkout. Later, as the container will be filled with goods (once or twice per week), charity foundation workers together with store staff will invite low-income, indigent and large families of Lviv to pass all collected goods.

We thank everyone who helps to implement the project, which not only increases and varies assistance but also draws the public's attention to acute social problems, in particular to families who are, unfortunately, in intricate situations. #Creating_good_together!