“Together for child”: The meeting of experts from different fields was held for the first time in Lviv region for the children’s interests

Yesterday, October 17, The First Interagency Forum of Business Communication and Partnership "Together for child" was held in Lviv.

About 20 top health, education, social and legal professionals from across the region have presented effective working practices with children from birth to young age.

At the Forum, complex educational models were discussed in four dimensions: educational, correctional rehabilitation, medical, legal and social. In particular, experts spoke about how to lay a solid foundation for the children’s physical and mental health, which new forms and teaching methods are best for their development, how to get a quality education, and how legally protect a child and teach her to respect others' borders.


Such form of discussion and interaction of specialists of different fields concerning children’s physical and psychological education was held in Lviv region for the first time. We are convinced that with the help of such complex and professional advice, the number of self-sufficient, educated, ambitious, loving, healthy and patriotic citizens of Ukraine will only grow.


The Forum was organized by the Public Council of Lviv Regional State Administration and Lviv Regional State Administration with the support of NGO "Rozvytok Hromady".