The assistancehe for the international support center for women and children in the city of Chernivtsi

"City of Good" is an all-Ukrainian charity project, a large complex of social services and shelter for mothers and children who are in a difficult life situation. For those, who became victims of domestic violence, are at risk of being on the street, need support in socialization and reintegration, live below the poverty line. The center works to keep the child in the family.

Our volunteers learned about the needs of the center and its residents and, thanks to those who cared, were able to organize help.

Toys, stationery, sports equipment, diapers and sweets were given to the "City of Good". We believe that the residents of the center have a new life ahead, full of love and faith in the future.

We thank to the team of "City of Good" for the implementation of a very important project, the D.S. pharmacy chain for diapers, the Charitable Fund "Caritas Lviv UGCC" for sweets and stationery, as well as Igor Kopka for help with fuel.

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