For the fourth time, in Lviv were held special games for people with disabilities on wheelchairs (PHOTOS)

Recreational Games “The Step to Olympus” is a unique event that teaches social equality and respect.


This year, recreational event for people on wheelchairs was held on Friday, November 22, to the Day of Dignity and Freedom in the largest shopping mall of western Ukraine “Victoria Gardens”.


Recreational games, which are organized each year by NGO "Rozvytok Hromady", have gathered more than 30 disabled people on wheelchairs from different parts of Lviv region. Participants of the games competed in three sports disciplines: floorball, table tennis and korfball.


Later, for the first time, within the frame of recreational games was held an open cup of intellectual game "Mind game". Nine teams competed for the title of "the smartest", five of which were formed by people with disabilities on wheelchairs and four of them were formed by organizers, participants in the Russo-Ukrainian war, and visitors of the shopping mall.


We sincerely thank all friends and partners for their help in organizing the event.

# Creating_good_together!

Show presenters: Taras Berezhanskyi and Nazar Holodzhun

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