Hippotherapy – an alternative treatment for sick children

NGO"Community Development" introduces a social project designed to help children with cerebral palsy. Scientists have proved that for these kids are particularly useful horseback ridings.

"Our NGO has successfully implemented many social projects. Now we want to help children with cerebral palsy. We know that for children, with this diagnosis, horseback ridings are very useful. This is our pilot project, to which we have attracted two children. In the future we plan to increase the number of participants of hippotherapy", - said the activist of the NGO "Community Development" Chrystyna Bolinovska.

The riding horses from ancient times is considered a good method of treatment and rehabilitation. Due to the physical properties of the animal, namely, increased body temperature, improves blood flow of the rider, normalizes muscle tone, warms up the joints of the legs and pelvis. And the special aura of the horse allows you to relax and calm down. Knows about the positive effects of riding eight-years old Yurchyk, who is undergoing a course of hippotherapy, organized by the NGO "Community Development". Once the boy was on the horse,on his face immediately appeared a smile.

"Yes, Yurchyk loves riding, not afraid of it. For children with this diagnosis hippotherapy is very useful, as it strengthens the spine. Previously, we have already passed the course, but in our case it is important to continue it in the future. We are very grateful to "Community Development" for giving us the opportunity to re-take a course of hippotherapy" - says the boy's mother Lilia Kisiliova.

Together with Yurchyk the rehabilitation passes four years old Angelina. Riding, kids are not even understanding, that this is a process of treatment, but rather perceive it as entertainment in the fresh air. In addition to the usual seat on the ridge, with the children are held special exercises.

"While walking we do with the children some exercise, for example, put them on the back of the horse. In the supine position the kids feel like breathing animal and the warmth of horse’s body, which is very soothing. Sitting astride children instinctively try to maintain balance, and forced to work both healthy and diseased muscle. In addition, during hippotherapy significantly improves blood circulation," says the instructor of the sports center "Pidkova" Lozynska Marta.

To conduct hippotherapy instructors choose calm and docile horses that wouldn't scare kids. It is also important that animals emotionally felt their riders and shared their positive aura. After all, apart from improving physical health, horseback riding affects the psychological state, in particular, adds confidence and helps to forget about fear. Beautiful Pozolota (horse, on whichwere riding Yurchyk and Angelina) is very attentive to kids, and those, in turn, learn from the horse calm and positive emotions.