With the assistance of the NGO "Community Development" people with disabilities attended a football match.

 Thanks to the activists of the NGO "Community Development" members of the Lviv interregional rehabilitation center visited a football match "Dynamo" - "Shakhtar", which was held at the stadium “Arena Lviv”.

 To see a football match with participation of the best Ukrainian teams had the opportunity 12 people with disabilities. Such leisure was organized by members of the NGO "Community Development". Among tourists who want to visit a football match, were persons of the second group of disability and people on wheelchairs. Activists of the public organization helped them get to the event, and also helped them during the match. Funds for the transportation of fans were separated from Charitable Foundation "Community Development".

"For us it is very important to engage people with disabilities, because very often they are forgotten by both government and society. We understand that these people require special attention and care, so with an open heart seeking to make their lives better," says one of the activists of the NGO "Community Development" Roman Tsyhylyk.

Recall that with the assistance of the NGO "Community Development", people with disabilities have repeatedly called for football matches at the “Arena Lviv”. Also for the disabled are held other recreational activities, among them, is the recent visit to the castles of Lviv region.