Assistance to Lviv Border Guard Detachment

With the assistance of Charitable Foundation "Community Development" were repaired cars that go into the zone of ATO.
To NGO "Community Development" addressed the representatives of the Lviv Border Guard Detachment. The military told about the defective cars that need to be repaired before heading to the roadblocks near Volnovakha.
Activists of the department "Assistance to ATO" immediately responded to requests of the fighters. With CF "Community Development" were given about 2 thousand UAH for the repair of transport.
"Living in a peaceful part of Ukraine, we are trying our best to help, those who bring us this peace. I believe it is the duty of every Ukrainian to support our military, after all, the way they protect our country deserves the greatest respect and gratitude", - said the head of "Assistance to ATO" Oleg Dolinskiy.
The head of the Lviv Border Guard Detachment M. M. Kravchuk handed the gratitude to the NGO "Community Development".
Among the words of gratitude were:"One is not a warrior, but together we can be an effective and reliable protection of the frontier of our country".