Charity in the Lviv region: advantages and disadvantages

Focusing on events that occur within 2 years in our country and taking into account the fact that Ukraine is a young state- charity is an important factor for our country, and in particular in the Lviv region.
We live in a fairly young and poor country, where to expect the state great support "vain hopes". Charity comes to the aid where the state is unable to help and partly "forgot" about the social sphere.
Where there is compassion for others grief, and a desire to change the world for the better, there begins the real charity, which includes the financial side and the moral side. However, perhaps the most important is the last one, as it brings joy to society that requires it.
Today the charity in Ukraine is directed on rendering assistance in various directions. This, in particular, charitable assistance to the participants of the ATO, which is a very important and popular, because in some extent, it helps fighters to return to normal life. In addition, the benefactors are constantly helping to those who now continue to defend the interests of the state in the East of Ukraine. Unfortunately, with this our government cannot cope, so without charitable projects and initiatives this section of the population would be left without attention.
Equally important and quite long already considered support and assistance to the sick who need big financial support, and their medical treatment is, mainly, in Europe, which for the average citizen is not "affordable". Thanks to caring people and charitable organizations particular people continue to live.
Great attention is given to orphans and the elderly. Most charities today are taking care about the children's shelters and homes for old people, visiting them on holidays, and spending a lot of time with them in general. For these people, it allows to feel, that they are not alone and that our society needs them.
In order of effectively raise of funds to solve the above problems, of course, contributes to the improvement of life in Ukraine, charitable foundations, conduct auctions, non-cash sweepstakes, contests and other charitable activities that are not prohibited by law, and help to raise funds to solve problems and make life in Ukraine better. Such actions are interesting for benefactors and patrons, after all, they contributes to the production of society's duty to help to one another.
However, as always, are those who easily speculate on charity, without compunction, for the purpose of enrichment. In the Lviv region there are many registered charities whose activities are designed to help different categories of the population. And often, people are faced with so called fake philanthropists. Today on the streets of the city you can see many young people volunteer with boxes to collect money from various charities, whose purpose, ostensibly, is to assist in the solution of urgent problems of individuals or groups of people. Very often, however, these are fraudulent machinations, which only add to the charity the negative staining. The money are collected, but the enumeration is happening on the accounts of  fake philanthropists. As a result there is distrust of the people involved in good deeds. And it must be admit, that such warnings - are justified.
Charity is used for advertising business. Most often begin to engage in charitable deeds, those who want to win the affection of people or "clean" his reputation. And quite often businessmen claim, that they give money to charity, but do so only in order to get the loyalty of the administration of the city or district for its own use in future cases. Because, the real benefactors prefer to remain anonymous.
Despite speculation from the fake philanthropists, to imagine life without the implementation of people selfless good deeds and Affairs, is impossible. Thanks to charitable funds and organizations it was managed to save not one life or improve the ecological condition of our country. It is very important to develop in the minds of  Ukrainians, that being a philanthropist - is a state of mind, and good must come from the soul.