The Patriotic spirit from the band "TIK"

The activists of the NGO "Community Development" organized for people with disabilities interesting leisure. At this time, persons with disabilities have the opportunity to have a positive charge at the anniversary concert of the Ukrainian band "TIK".

Under Ukrainian tour on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, the popular Ukrainian rock band "Tik" played at the stadium "Arena Lviv". Thanks to the efforts of activists of NGO "Community Development" this event had the opportunity to visit 14 persons with disabilities on wheelchairs. The volunteers took care of the transportation of persons with disabilities on special vehicles and took care of them during the concert.

Patriotic songs performed by "Tik" cheered up the guests and gave a storm of positive emotions. "When we hear the real Ukrainian music, which glorifies the love for Ukraine, we believe that in our state everything will be well. Sincerely grateful to the activists of the NGO "Community Development" for the opportunity to attend such a concert, where we not only had a good time, but were spiritually enriched" - shared his impressions one of the viewer.

Joyful and happy spectators with special needs returned home under the support of volunteers. We will remind that activists of "Community Development" frequently organise for disabled persons interesting leisure. Among recent events is a football match “Dynamo” –“Shakhtar” at the “Arena Lviv”.