Charitable Foundation "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”) enlisted to the top charitable organizations of Ukraine

According to the results of studies published in "the Green Book of the Ukrainian Charity", Charitable Foundation "Community Development" identified to a number of charitable organizations in 2014, which operated as efficiently as possible, publicly and transparently for the Ukrainian society.
In June the Association of philanthropists of Ukraine presented the third edition of “the Green Book of Charity 2014”. Printed materials contain an analysis of the current state of charity, formed in a survey of experts in different fields of philanthropy, volunteering, state and public figures, journalists and scientists from all over Ukraine. The publication consists of two parts. First published the results of a survey of experts, among whom was the Chairman of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development" Solomiya Starosolska. According to the research results the authors identified the main areas that require improvement at the legislative level; in particular, we are talking about the tax benefits of socially responsible business, the introduction of SMS philanthropy and regulation of charitable fundraising through the boxes.
In the second part of the book considers the results of monitoring public promotion of philanthropy in our country. According to the experts the Charitable Foundation "Community Development" is among the charities that operated most effectively, publicly and transparently in 2014.

"In March 2015 Charitable Foundation "Community Development" has received recognition for its activities by handing the nomination of “Philanthropist - a Non – Governmental Organization". This event marked a new stage in our development and inspiration to further achievements. Today, we strive to unite all concerned citizens around the issue of charity. We believe that only joint efforts of the philanthropists, who successfully represent this industry, should learn Ukrainian society something new. And thanks to the activity of the philanthropists ' Association of Ukraine and the implementation of their initiatives, such as the "Green book of charity", we can show people a "pure" charity, which is an integral part of the development of public activity", - said the Chairman of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development" Solomiya Starosolska.