Persons with disabilities visited a football match

NGO "Community Development" organized to people with special needs interesting leisure.
March 31, at 21:00 at the stadium "Arena Lviv" was held the match of the national team of Ukraine with a team of Latvia. In a friendly match amongst fans was attended by people with special needs, who were moving in wheelchairs. NGO activists met them near the stadium and handed the tickets for the match. As you know, in the framework of the international project "EURO 2012: Respect Inclusion - Football with No Limits", on the eve of the European championship stadium "Arena Lviv" was equipped for the needs of people with disabilities, in accordance with international standards. Persons with disabilities were accompanied by their family members and volunteers. Transportation costs were funded by the Charitable Foundation "Community Development ".

“We saw the joy in the eyes of these people and once again made sure that we are doing well. We have lots of positive emotions from communication with such special people. For me personally, the help for such people is a matter of honor, after all, who else but we, young, active Ukrainians must change the stereotypes and to support those whom we are often trying not to notice", - said the head of "Youth and Sports" Volodymyr Feschuk.

Recall that, activists of the NGO "Community Development" for a long time are helping people with physical disabilities; organized trips to the theatre, boxing matches and football matches.