The chess club was opened in the Lviv orphanage on Tadzhytska street

On the 2nd of November, activists of the NGO "Community Development" solemnly opened the chess club in the Lviv orphanage №1. On the next week, pupils of the institution will be able to learn and master the intellectual game.


The chess club was opened thanks to the common efforts of the NGO "Community Development" and "Glory Cafe" with the support of the Lviv Chess Federation. In the special room in the orphanage, thanks to partners, old windows were replaced with plastic, new blinds, game tables and various chess accessories were installed. Also, the room was made to be as warm as possible so that children would feel themselves comfortable to learn chess and develop.

Of course, before we organized the club, we communicated with the director of the institution, teachers and children. We tried to understand what is the most interesting to children. So, it was agreed that the chess club suits children the most. Firstly, chess promote the development of concentration, develop the ability to overcome difficulties and plan own actions, to think logically. Also, this chess club is a great way to spend a children' energy, - says Andriy Feduniak, the head of the social department of the NGO "Community Development"

The professional grandmaster Lev Tsybuliak, former Lviv champion, will teach children for free on a permanent basis. In general, the desire to learn chess was demonstrated by ten children from the older group. Classes will be held twice a week.

In these kids, I see a great desire to learn chess. At their age, you just need to take the first steps in this game of intellectuals. I am convinced that if they continue to play with such desire, they will become grandmasters - shares his impressions Lev Tsybuliak

In addition, the orphanage students arranged a true holiday with poetry and songs for visitors. The "VlaTar" duo with a festive program helped young colleagues to create a positive mood.
The NGO "Community Development" expresses gratitude to everyone who joined and helped to open the chess club: "Glory Cafe", "ViknaGrad" company, "Gryphon" and the NGO "Lviv Chess Academy". Thank you for the kindness, support and care of the little Ukrainians - the foundation of a strong and prosperous state.