Dancing, singing and funny games - another memorable day for pupils of Lviv boarding school №1

The NGO "Community Development", as a part of the social project "Care for orphans", continues to take care and spend leisure activities for children from the orphanage.

This time, activists of the NGO "Community Development" presented a fun outdoor picnic for kids from the orphanage. Also, the favorite children's duo - VlaTar took care about their leisure. For kids, guys transformed into cartoon characters - minions. Moreover, they made a "bubble festival", where every child had an opportunity to be inside a giant bubble. Children were treated with pizza, delivered by the restaurants: "Mafia", "Felichita" and "Crazy Town".


"Today, kids released their energy. I think that all children will sleep sweet and firmly, because we spent a lot of time outdoors. At this age, children are very active, so we amused them with vivid games and dances. I do not even know who brought more joy: we for them or they for us," - says Vladyslav, a member of the "VlaTar" duo.


We, the NGO " Community Development", are convinced: a child's smile is a great happiness, and we need to provide a care for them to make kids sharing it with us!