Animal shelter was on fire in Briukhovychi

On the 6th of February it was reported that on Sunday the animal shelter “Myloserdia” was burning. Lviv Animal Protection Society asks for help. People are asked to bring warm clothes and food because of the winter outside, and it is cold for dogs to sleep in the open air, moreover, the kitchen is burnt, too. Also, you can donate money to the organization’s account.

Dog is the best man’s friend. We often see happy, well-groomed, funny pets with their owners. However, there are those who are not so lucky. Usually, these animals roam the streets, they are turned away everywhere, or completely overlooked. They are fated to starvation and solitude.
But the world is not without kind people. In Briukhovychi there is a shelter “Myloserdia” for homeless animals. There they feel less lonely and always have something to eat. Dogs are always welcoming to visitors. They put their wet noses under the bosom and wait till man's hand will scratch behind their ears.
Now there is no place for pets to sleep and products to eat because on Sunday their home was burned to ashes. Luckily, no animal was hurt. People are asked to bring warm clothes and food for the pets. You can help even by sending money to the shelter’s bank account.
Lviv Animal Protection Society
Animal shelter “MYLOSERDIA”
Phone number: +38 032 243 41 53
79491, Lviv, Briukhovychi,
58, Nezalezhnosti Ukraiiny Str., postbox 8646
Lviv regional branch of JSC “Oshchadbank”
USREOU code of the organization 13807804
Account number 26000300205345
Let us recall that the NGO activists helped the shelter repeatedly. The participants of “Community Development” visited animals and brought them delicious gifts.