Activists of "Community Development" organized for people with disabilities leisure on the open air

On Friday, June 26, members of NGO, together with people with special needs went fishing. Favorable weather, beautiful nature and good catch gave a lot of positive emotions.

Recreation program began in the morning. Fishing starts at 7 am in the Sudova Vyshnia, there went 8 persons with disabilities under the escort of members of the NGO "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”). Arriving at the destination, both women and men, actively began to prepare for the fishing. First production from the lake appeared in just a few minutes. Those who prefer relaxing by the lake with a fishing rod, continued to fish. Others, however, began to prepare for the picnic. Men chopped wood and kindled the fire, the women set the table. Main courses were the soup with fish and the baked fish. 

About the bright sunny day spent in the open air, shared their experiences people with disabilities:

"After the rain finally the sun showed up and remembered the song "Pikkardiyska Tertsiya" about old tram, which is finally able to deliver, where there are no people, machines, pavers, asphalt, where you can hear birds singing, where the foliage rustles in the wind, the smell of duckweed and frog croaking. It is good that there are people who want, can and are doing such good activities that help people in wheelchairs to get out of the city", - said Oksana.

"We had a good time relaxing with friends on the nature. To try myself as a fisherman was for me a new and interesting experience. I, as a person with a disability, am unable to organize such a trip, so it would be nice if the activists of NGO organize such trips," says Natalia.

That day, people with disabilities were accompanied by five members of NGO, among them Andriy Feduniak, Roman Tsyhylyk, Jaroslav Padura, Roxolana Tokarska and Julia Golova. Also, volunteered to assist in conducting a travel day two young volunteers Andriy and Denys. The organizers and participants of this event thanks to the owner of the lakes, in Suduva Vyshnia, Stepan Olexandrovych for the opportunity to have a good time.