Members of the NGO "Community Development" visited the sick in the military hospital

Attention, care and good humor have been successfully helping patients to recover. Such treatment methods have elected the members of NGO "Community Development" and decided to apply it in a military hospital.

Recently, social activists visited the sick in the military hospital. To improve the mood and to raise the morale of our troops, they decided not only with good words, but delicious goodies. Patients were treated with delicious cookies provided by the partners of "Community Development". Sweets were provided by "Svit Kavy", "Glori cafe", "Veronica", "Manufactura Kavy", "BeyrutHol".

Recently, activists of NGO in the Park of the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western region (vul. Lychakivska, 26) arranged a concert for wounded soldiers who are there for treatment.