The activists of "Community Development" helped pupils to decide their future profession

About unexpected details in the work of a lawyer told the member of NGO Solomiya Starosolska.
The choice of future profession is a serious step, which graduates make based on information obtained from various sources, the level of their knowledge and their own innate abilities. In the life of every person there comes a time when you have to decide where to study or where to go to work. One has to choose a profession, the way of life.
Career guidance appeared in the country of skyscrapers - USA. Education, like other areas of life, depends on the needs of the "consumer". Such close attention to the needs of society and a high level of material security as a result gave the Americans a well-developed system of career guidance. School education and professional knowledge for them become integral parts of one whole.
NGO "Community Development" initiated the project "Career Guidance in school." Leading experts talk about the Ukrainian labor market of popular professions.
In Lviv specialized secondary school №28 was the first career guidance lesson. With pupils of 9 classes met a young lawyer, who told the daily work of human rights defenders, shared interesting details and reported on the simplest basics of jurisprudence.

"You do a really good work, you are trying to help children, and they will be very grateful when they grow up and choose exactly the fact that they are best suited. We, the workers of the education, in fact, very grateful, because this thing is necessary", - said the Director of the school Lozenko Ivan Vasylovych.

The students were delighted with the lessons. They ask questions, and interested in the basic terms of jurisprudence.

"With today's lesson, I learned more about the work of a lawyer and what you need to do to become one. It was very interesting!" - shared pupil of the school.

In plans there are other career guidance sessions with experts from different industries in many schools of Lviv.