Activists of "Community Development" continue to help people with disabilities

The members of the organization visited Lviv interregional center of social and labor, professional and medical rehabilitation of the disabled.
Yesterday, 11 August, was held a meeting of activists of NGOs with people with disabilities. The majority of attendees were women who were participants in the social project, recently implemented by the NGO "Community Development". The project "Femininity without borders" has changed the lives of many women who are in wheelchairs and during the meeting they sincerely thanked the activists for their care and responsibility. Also talked about future plans, which NGO strives to accomplish for these people.
One of those present, Mrs. Karyna noted the importance of opening a store on the territory of the rehabilitation center, because for a people in wheelchairs, it is extremely difficult to overcome long distances for food. In such shop could work people with disabilities. It is worth noting that a lot of disabled people, after which takes care NGO, express a desire to find a job, but today's realities are not given for this objective opportunity. The people just can't get to work, because the city is not adapted for movement in a wheelchair – too small number of low-floor buses and ramps.
NGO "Community Development" continues to help people with physical disabilities, to realize highly relevant social initiatives aimed at the social rehabilitation of these persons, and simply return the disabled to active and happy life, where they will not feel themselves "different".